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Donald Trump VS. Barack Obama
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cptlloydsmith wrote:
KC Craven you have very short memory (I could suggest other reasons for you comment but I am choosing to be generous) just recall the help for the auto industry, the bail out for the banks, Obama Care (ACA if you prefer) do I have to continue or your memory coming back now.
capecribari wrote:
Donald Trump is s disgrace and an embarrassment to the US. My children are not allowed to watch him on TV.
capecribari wrote:
Trump has absolutely no dignity. He is a embarassing piece of trash. Lock him up!!!!!
angiemal wrote:
Trump all the way. Middle class 83 yr Old femal. Obama was a waste time and space He did nothing for blacks or whites
KC Craven wrote:
Obama was not a great president Trump by far did more for the US in 4 years than any other
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