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Donald Trump VS. Barack Obama
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c8reiss wrote:
Our President #45 built the COUNTRY that O. Dystroyed! Now O's VP is Destryoing what our President No. 45 BULT! This is a MIGHTY INTERESTING connection!
covajhon wrote:
Dromp tromp was the greatest president and the greatest president to ever f…up a great nation!!!!
brianjackson0529 wrote:
If the media were truly honest in their covering of the news ,Trump would be called one of America's great Presidents.
jakellogg1936 wrote:
barack was big scam and joke for dems like covid testing to see how dumb the voters are
mrs_bl_pettay wrote:
President Obama did his best to destroy America. He enticed racism and make executive decisions that crippled country. President Trump loves America and he would have done a better job if not for covid-19. He was also Israel's friend and declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
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