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Donald Trump VS. Barack Obama
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Marie Reed wrote:
What is so stately about Obama? Is he even an American? He was the first black president. He was a huge disappointment. He did nothing for this country but conspire with Hillary Clinton. Trump actually cares about the American people.
cptlloydsmith wrote:
Chaserecon, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Here is mine, you are full of crap.
Jim R wrote:
Define statesman!!
gwenktriplett wrote:
I like both Pres.Trump and Pres.Obama and think the both democrats and republicans do a great job for the U.S.A. Gwen
gwenktriplett wrote:
Four percent of a different party for the hippie kids to vote on ,and 10 percent of another kind of people ,and everyone on the run .Difficult job ,great polititions.Both or all and all for won.
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