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Donald Trump VS. Barack Obama
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gwenktriplett wrote:
I like both Pres.Trump and Pres.Obama and think the both democrats and republicans do a great job for the U.S.A. Gwen
gwenktriplett wrote:
Four percent of a different party for the hippie kids to vote on ,and 10 percent of another kind of people ,and everyone on the run .Difficult job ,great polititions.Both or all and all for won.
William mittler wrote:
Obama is a true statesman, Trump is not.
chaserecon wrote:
Obama elected twice by guilty white voters based on his skin color not his content of character of which he has and had NONE like MLK spoke about plus he is a true racist like his wife and the majority of America hating liberal socialist democrats! And certainly not a statesman !!
Vivian Capocci wrote:
Obama was a statesman of the highest quality.
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