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Donald Trump VS. Barack Obama
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Rick Becker wrote:
Reading some of these it is very apparent and as the saying goes YOU JUST CANT FIX STUPID. I sure don’t remember gas being upwards of 7-8 dollars a gallon when Mr Trump was running the circus so you go on and believe that lie.
khalls wrote:
Trump has been the best President we have ever had.
slwright9835 wrote:
So many stupid people! four years of Trump were the best of so many years may be EVER
Pat Kasprowski wrote:
Trump is by far the worst President this country has seen in my 73 years. He is a narcissist who cheated his own family, all three of his wives, business partners, etc. His rightful place is in prison. Only his wealth has kept him out.
erica wrote:
neither Obama, nor Biden, nor either Bush, had the same problem as Clinton, but Trump was the most brazen of all, and it wasn't CHEATING on the election, but cheating nontheless. A great example for our Country
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