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Musk VS. Zuckerberg
Who has made more for the world?
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Betty Rickmond i wrote:
I do not do Facebook and never will! The nerve of you bias people blocking the “freedom of speech”mainly of Conservatives. The idea you would block the President of the United States is incomprehensible!!!
Ruth wrote:
Suckerberge and Zuckerberberge seems not one person . The spelling used to one accused of is not the same with the owner of Facebook and that is Zuckerberg , right ? So , the answer is clear not Zuckerberg stole Facebook but he is the owner . Okey , thank you .
Dennis wrote:
Facebook needs to have government restrictions put on it, Musk has done more good than the other junk has ever thought of.
Vincent Simmons wrote:
End Facebook page it’s worthless
ravenbrenda wrote:
Facebook is the worst program ever invented. People are glued to it. It has caused a lot of harm to people. Especially our young children. As far as cell phones. It is a nice device to have for emergency's otherwise. worst invention also.
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