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Patriotic Quiz
Welcome to the game created by and for true patriots of the U.S.!
We’re here to help you learn things every patriot should know.
In 2016, when we launched this project, our goal was to entertain those who wanted to check their knowledge of America. Now, our mission is to raise patriotic awareness of the whole nation.
A true American
can’t afford to live in a country and shy away from learning its history, geography, and culture. You can’t take your Homeland for granted; you need to be a responsible, motivated and knowledgeable citizen who never ceases to discover new things to know and be proud of!
And there’s more!
On our portal you can:
compete with other patriots
get daily games delivered into your inbox
relax and have your free time well spent
NO, it's not a waste of time.
The love of your Homeland can't be a waste of time, can it?
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