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Safe space VS. Free speech
What is more important to you?
Safe space
Free speech
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Jerry wrote:
College campus’s are a joke any more it seems to me that these kids just want to party (consume booze ) and rape women
arpapa1341 wrote:
Free speech is in the Constitution and is allowed everywhere and should be respected anywhere and by all who reside here as citizens or enterprises (including schools, and thus "safe Space" should be unneeded
welgord3 wrote:
Safe space and Free Speech should not be in conflict--Free Speech Gives one the right to say what he wants but Safe space protects (Or should protect) all from lawbreakers. Morality demands respect but often times the law protects those who have no sense of morality
nanga007 wrote:
Why should college campuses not be safe places?
Joe Varga wrote:
Free speech is very important--- Germany under Herr Hitler, Russia the last 100 years,some of the African countries, we feld Hungary in 1945 because of the Communist takeover .My parents would have been executed and the kids, 2.99 kids,would have been put in communist schools.
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