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Safe space VS. Free speech
What is more important to you?
Safe space
Free speech
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slwright9835 wrote:
without a safe space free speech will a hard problem to keep.
jblakelyjr wrote:
Free speech should not be used to publically demean another person in the public arena. It should be used to state your personal preferences and why it is the thing you would prefer occur.
arpapa1341 wrote:
If you think "lawbreakers" obey the law, I want to sell you a bridge!
fac2dir131 wrote:
A person should be safe wherever they go, and we should be able to express our opinion regardless of whether a person agrees or disagrees. We should be able to have a meaningful discussion to resolve or differences, and not have to resort to violence.
blkcwilliams wrote:
Although, free speech is sometimes abused, it is important because who is to decide what is "safe speech" I feel this gets into personal opinion and censorship.
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