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Safe space VS. Free speech
What is more important to you?
Safe space
Free speech
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janismarie wrote:
If we speak up - we are condemned. If we stay silent- people say why didn’t you speak up? So you tell me because we can’t have it both ways. Women are condemned to be silent - speak up- no you’re a liar -even with medical records to the contrary. It wasn’t Johnny but it was someone.
Ginny wrote:
Why should we have to choose though? We live in the USA, Freedom is supposed to be our right. The current government is so incompetent. Seems maybe we need to consider a new system. My son would be perfect for the job. He's only 11 but he's more mature than any politician ever.
Ronald Reynolds wrote:
Without freedom of speech there's no safe place
slwright9835 wrote:
without a safe space free speech will a hard problem to keep.
jblakelyjr wrote:
Free speech should not be used to publically demean another person in the public arena. It should be used to state your personal preferences and why it is the thing you would prefer occur.
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