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Safe space VS. Free speech
What is more important to you?
Safe space
Free speech
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jakellogg1936 wrote:
the 2nd amendment just as important as the first
steviebklein wrote:
We live in an amazing country, let’s keep it that way. I do not take freedom for granted in any form. I am thrilled to have it!
c8reiss wrote:
"Sickenss comes to us by what enters our ounth. Troubles come to mus y wahat goes out form our mouth!"
c8reiss wrote:
"Sickness come to us by what goes into out mouth. Troubles come to us by what goes out from our mouth!"
c8reiss wrote:
Speech musast be FREE! It is a matter for TRUTHFUL RELATIONSHIP of every kind! Without. the FREEDOM to speak freely, there could never be any form of UNDERSTADNING BETWEEN ANY TWO HUMANS!
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