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Stricter borders VS. Open borders
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Stricter borders
Open borders
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ricoz77 wrote:
Without borders, like globalists want, we lose our country. 1986 Congress agreed to build a fence, but refused to budget the money for it's construction. Less illegal aliens, more legal citizens is my take.
lindalovesshopping wrote:
I truly believe we have an idiot in the whitehouse running the country.
fivewindaguy wrote:
its our country, not the rest of the worlds country
Jennifer Gaytan wrote:
Mexico is NOT the problem ! Its the refugee's from other places where they are considered Criminals they get educated then they hack our lives STEAL OUR IDENITIES,and our money and our way of life. Use up our resources and rape our young ones
jhshaf21 wrote:
It is long past time for the use of the greatest military in the world to wipe out these cartels and protect our country as is their mission. The 75th Ranger Regiment will take care of the problem in 3 weeks.
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