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Stricter borders VS. Open borders
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Stricter borders
Open borders
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fac2dir131 wrote:
I only have two words to say about this subject : CLOSE BORDERS
paulruss52 wrote:
Too late Biden already let in over 2000 with COVID-19 has put them on buses and sent out through the states, these criminals are votes for the demoncrats.
Harold Ruchlin wrote:
ya never know watcha gonna open em up !
tinalou1960 wrote:
First and foremost, the borders should not be open because the folks that live "south" of the U.S. may not have good health care, so I do not want to see a bunch of people coming in that have Covid 19. I am all for folks coming in to our country LEGALLY - not those who sneak across the border.
kantdriv55w wrote:
Everything aside , health issues
other battles
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