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Stricter borders VS. Open borders
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Stricter borders
Open borders
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fac2dir131 wrote:
There are laws governing how to apply vigor access and citizenship, our Democratic elected officials are ignoring these laws and want to allow “ undocumented aliens “ into the country for their votes and to increase their parties power.
Frank wrote:
You will get a lot of criminals including terrorist and a lot of welfare recipients and that is a fact.
Peacefounder86 wrote:
This is a very big country, lots of space. People who seek asylum from dangerous countries should not be abandoned. Why not open the border to allow legal entry. You and I would not be Americans if there were not open borders when our families came to America, the land of the free!
honda12378 wrote:
fac2dir131 wrote:
I only have two words to say about this subject : CLOSE BORDERS
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