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Stricter borders VS. Open borders
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Stricter borders
Open borders
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c8reiss wrote:
Home have doors, locksand security alarms for t he safety of t he fmily! ! Thus Countries have walls, guards wit hi weapomks for the proteaction of the Land and PEOPLES! That is it!
vze3nzk8 wrote:
c8reiss wrote:
Every HOME has a lock, every country has bordearlines!
c8reiss wrote:
Every home has a frontdoor, some hasve gates before the frontdoor! Personal SAFETY is t he RESPONSIVLITY OF THE PERSON HIMSLEF or HERSEL! That FIrst Step OF SELF - PRESERVATION IS THE NATURAL LAW! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE IT AWAY!
Michael wrote:
We are living in a country where it is easier to enter than has terrorism done to our borders!
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