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c8reiss wrote:
We should be able to take away the Citizenship of those who betry our NATION! What one does not appreciates, that things must be taking away from harm might be done by UNAPPRECIATION!
jean_logan2002 wrote:
I stood at Arlington and prayed that those HEROS didn't die for NOTHING. We CANNOT allow our freedoms to be GIVEN AWAY.
forsythallen wrote:
why would you want to lose your freedom that was shed for in blood?
cflord62 wrote:
It is a very sad thing that so many people cannot understand the great opportunity this country has given us to be self reliant and prefer to be at the mercy of a selfish and vain government.
jayalan950 wrote:
I hope those that voted for Biden are enjoying the rising cost of inflation. Because they're just as responsible for it as Biden is. Patriotic Americans however hate it.
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