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c8reiss wrote:
"Gratitude is the Attitude of the BEATITUDE!" Be Grateful for each breath we take, that FREE OXGEN kepps every living thing alive! without. it, nothing lives!
c8reiss wrote:
Voted Wrong a couple times before realized that I was not doing the RIGHT THING....
Robert Bennett wrote:
This all started in the 1960's when these Socialists started taking over the University System. Now they produce nothing but lazy people who think the world owes them a living. People died for your rights and how do they get remembered by trying to become Communist.
c8reiss wrote:
We should be able to take away the Citizenship of those who betry our NATION! What one does not appreciates, that things must be taking away from harm might be done by UNAPPRECIATION!
jean_logan2002 wrote:
I stood at Arlington and prayed that those HEROS didn't die for NOTHING. We CANNOT allow our freedoms to be GIVEN AWAY.
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