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Social media regulation VS. Fake news
Should we regulate social media? Is it a threat to free speech?
Social media regulation
Fake news
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lindalovesshopping wrote:
Just give me the news line Walter Cronkite did. I’m intelligent enough to form my own opinion from the facts. I don’t need anyone to interpret them for me.
c8reiss wrote:
What is false is something that is without SUBSTENCE! What is without SUBSTENCE could not with stands TIME and SPACE! The harmful results could never be JUSTLY MEASURED!
Frank wrote:
with fake news you do not know what to believe, how can one make a judgement or decision, tell it like it is, do not try to sugarcoat
Julie McDaniel wrote:
Corruption of Justice . Entrapment. Coercion. Profiling my family. Abuse of power
c8reiss wrote:
Let us declare that it is UNLAWUL to print FAKE-NEWS! We do not need any more UNTRUTH added onto what is already very MESSY! Take up the RESPONSIBILTY by pring REAL TRUTH! "TRUTH SHALL SET US REE!' FREE from CONFUSION!
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