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Climate change VS. Global poverty
What is more important?
Climate change
Global poverty
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561601809z wrote:
Our HOLY FATHER in HEAVEN is the CREATOR of everything the earth is always going to be here! You are being lied too! Put your trust in God not humans !
azmark wrote:
when yellowstone gos up you will know the real meaning of climate mchange
betsydanteg wrote:
These comments are why we humans are not doing much about climate change. There are many things that we can do (if it's not too late) if only we commit to work toward that goal. Just think about the things that we do every day that, with more thought, would make a difference.
jjpunkingl wrote:
Only God can control climate and weather
Lon Bennett wrote:
Yes climate is natural. But what the humans are doing with the illegal killing and leaving human garbage every where is now acceptable
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