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Universal Healthcare VS. The Current Healthcare System
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Universal Healthcare
The Current Healthcare System
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lindalovesshopping wrote:
I want private health care. I don’t want to wait months too see a dr or have the government decide I’m to old for treatment.
c8reiss wrote:
The best healt h care system i have seen is in Taiwan!
josephruck1 wrote:
Universal healthcare is the way to go. Everybody is covered by it, and everyone contributes toward it.
rjmontreal wrote:
I have lived in Canada and the United States, while the Canadian healthcare system isn’t perfect the American system is much more broken. I don’t believe that hospitals and healthcare providers should be in the profit making business.
c8reiss wrote:
The BEST HEALTH CARE SYSTEM that I have seen was in TAIWAN! Non that I witnessed could be able to match to it! If we are serious about IMPROVING our HEALTHY SYSTEM, send a team over there and looking into it. Why their's worked so well?
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