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Vaccines VS. Natural immunity
Are vaccines safe? Share your thoughts!
Natural immunity
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jakellogg1936 wrote:
covid vaccine was rushed big pharm made billions big names had invested millions ck out who or guess you will be shocked
fabarts wrote:
vaccine is important when responsibly applied
Wendie Riddle wrote:
Vaccines don't stop diseases or viruses, they just keep them from being worse.
c8reiss wrote:
Our BODY does not like FOREIGN BODIES within its' system! Thus, we should try to do whatever we coukd to be as w healthy as we can by creating our very own Physiological Strength from what is physical to what is body part's mechanical!
neville.jones1985 wrote:
When are you paranoid idiots going to learn that vaccines save lives? The covid vaccine is there to protect you not to somehow “monitor” you. The very idea is ludicrous. You need to stop believing the q anon rubbish and get vaccinated not only to save your own life but that of others
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