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Vaccines VS. Natural immunity
Are vaccines safe? Share your thoughts!
Natural immunity
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jgray110 wrote:
covid vaccines are experimental and not proven safe or effective. Vaccine makers are IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION for any and all DAMAGE to our health
dollauro1 wrote:
I will wait to see if one has fewer to no side effects as I'm allergic to medications. I'll make a decision then.
127957 wrote:
Vaccines don't do much to help us that why they don't prevent diseases.
C. Prescott wrote:
This vaccine is already being manufactured using aborted fetal tissue (babies). Bill Gates is an evil psychopath and so are Brix and Fauci. All I can do is pray without ceasing! Charles David Prescott, III
Bob wrote:
Imagine in current day America, a washed out entertainer, reads about a study by a soon to be discredited "scientist". AND that the "scientist" lied. AND the washed up entertainer convinces not bright parents to leave their kid exposed to lethal/life shattering illness. Couldn't happen?...
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