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Vaccines VS. Natural immunity
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Natural immunity
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billthweatt7 wrote:
Review PATENT US 10,703,789, Covid vaccine ingredients. You will find an enzyme named “Luciferase”. Luciferase is an enzyme that can produce bioluminescence. It glows. It’s for “tracking and tagging”. An enzyme named “Lucifer-ase” in a Covid vaccine; should cause everyone to “tremble with fear”.
Thomas wrote:
too true, I will trust gov when joe baby dies or gets unelected some people say say vaccine contains trackers
dryorioka wrote:
I have said from the start vaccine. designers overlooked IgA antibodies that are in secretions, where they could prevent infections. IgG and IgM in serum may reduce disease severity, but are not in the mucous. Why is anyone surprised that the vax'd can get infected?
slwright9835 wrote:
I do not trust any thing medical that comes from the government. I don't trust the government with any thing >>>>
slwright9835 wrote:
a bunch of crap to gain control of every ones life.
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