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Police Brutality VS. Gender Equality
Which problem is the most urgent in the U.S. now?
Police Brutality
Gender Equality
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561601809z wrote:
Yes the homosexuals are mocking GOD with all their nonsense! We all face GOD some day someday
Robert wrote:
One of the worst problem in the US is that Politicians are more focused on attacking "opponents" than focusing on what they would like to accomplish and how to get it done. They blame the "other side" for whatever goes wrong. yet cannot explain "HOW" they would fix the problems we already have.
douglasalvinsnow wrote:
God is in control of all see John chapter three verse sixteen in the Authorized King James Bible translated 1611 AD!
kengraalum wrote:
Police brutality is not a major issue in the USA at this time. Gender equality is a problem in certain instances, but it does not rank in the top 10 of issues that should be taken care of . Stop worrying about some of these items and take up the major issues of the day. We cannot remain divided.
brianjackson0529 wrote:
I think there is almost no police brutality. Gender equality is a made up problem.
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