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Police Brutality VS. Gender Equality
Which problem is the most urgent in the U.S. now?
Police Brutality
Gender Equality
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c8reiss wrote:
Respect LAW ENFORCERS! Without them; we could be a LAWLESS NATION!
c8reiss wrote:
Agreed with YOU, bwwcaw! " Law and Order"is the foundation of every civilized society! The ROOTS of our Mighty Nation's FOUNDATION! "Obey the LAW!" "No one is above the LAW!"
c8reiss wrote:
The lack of TRADITIONAL MORAL TEACHING IS .... the casue of every MORAL PROBLEM that we are now facing!"One NATION undeer GOD..." We are removing GOF from our daily life, though, we proclam it daily.... we are HYPOCRITES!
c8reiss wrote:
Police Brutality is a form of false statement! If a PLOICE OFFICER COULD NOT OVER POWER A CRIMINAL, that OFFICE MIGHT have to suffer much physical harm from the hands of the LAW BREAKER, might even be death! Every LAW ENFORCER must be able to over power the Lawbreaker!
Susan Evans wrote:
Dumb question. There is little, if any police brutality and gender equality has been pushed to ridiculous lengths.
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