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Police Brutality VS. Gender Equality
Which problem is the most urgent in the U.S. now?
Police Brutality
Gender Equality
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mrs_bl_pettay wrote:
Actually God is doing an excellent job we're the ones that messing up we're the ones that not doing the humans. God is 100% perfect he cannot make no mistakes he made everything all he has to do is talk and what he wants done happens.
Stucco wrote:
Homosexuals is really sexual cannibalism. On transgender, possibly that man and woman were abducted by aliens and in an experiment their sexual organs were transplanted, but then again it's just a birth defect.
Stucco wrote:
They didn't learn from the AIDS VIRUS and mass shootings. GOD can also make mistakes, hence putting tree of knowledge in area where 2 newly born adult infants had excess to fruit. Like leaving gun on table for 6 yr. old to play with. On the other hand, maybe aliens 👽 gave monkeys intelligence.
Michelle R East wrote:
It clearly states, in the King James version of the Bible that: God hates homosexuality and considers it an offence against nature! God also say" He shalt not suffer a witch to live". As far as I know, the only two phrases in the Bible that actually gives God's own opinion. I'm with God!
betsydanteg wrote:
If God is in control, he's not doing a very good job!
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