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Police Brutality VS. Gender Equality
Which problem is the most urgent in the U.S. now?
Police Brutality
Gender Equality
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Michelle R East wrote:
It clearly states, in the King James version of the Bible that: God hates homosexuality and considers it an offence against nature! God also say" He shalt not suffer a witch to live". As far as I know, the only two phrases in the Bible that actually gives God's own opinion. I'm with God!
betsydanteg wrote:
If God is in control, he's not doing a very good job!
pokreseileen wrote:
There are too many shootings in the world. Everyone should get along with one another the best they can. Violet people need to seek behavior health therapy. And learn coping skills!!!
lindalovesshopping wrote:
I don’t think there is police brutality and gender equality isn’t a problem. This has been blown way out of proportion.
561601809z wrote:
Yes the homosexuals are mocking GOD with all their nonsense! We all face GOD some day someday
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