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Police Brutality VS. Gender Equality
Which problem is the most urgent in the U.S. now?
Police Brutality
Gender Equality
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Jerry wrote:
Police just do their jobs the arrestees don’t obey the police that’s the reason for the police shootings If the arrested would just obey the officers things would go smoothly
trawickkj wrote:
This is all nonsense! We need law enforcement. We see only the extreme cases which are reported. Without the protection of the police, we would all be in trouble.
Joe Varga wrote:
Some police are Bad-some!! They usually are terminated! They do not get away with everything-some people get away with everything .Some!!!! Not all!!! We are human- the police are held to a higher standard because of their position
jedspoppy wrote:
Who gives a Big Rats Ass it is what it is and it will never get fixed.
Susan Dolan wrote:
Most people underestimate the impact of gender inequality. Women have been oppressed for centuries. When are we going to deal with this?
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