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Minimum wage VS. Small businesses
Should there be minimum wage? Does it hurt small businesses?
Minimum wage
Small businesses
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c8reiss wrote:
We need to create goods for the increasing of wealth! Manufactures create wealth= goods creates money, thus , creates wealth! Employments for Manufacturing as well as sales forces, marketing stratages...
c8reiss wrote:
ASeeker We need small business for the betterment of our ECONOMY! Goods create WEALTH. Services recicle cash(money)!
legersarah14 wrote:
lscottperry wrote:
We need a review and elimination of many regulatory rules which create few benefits but cause real costs for business and less employment opportunities for many. Imposing minimum wage is one of the most brutish and least logical regulations. Less regulation= more employment and income growth
wcl0915 wrote:
This is stupid!!
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