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Diversity VS. Meritocracy
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Robert Bennett wrote:
So true! Why should we pay for those who don't want to work and sit idly by and eat Bon Bons and get welfare checks and food stamps.
c8reiss wrote:
For t he GOOD opf our beloved NATION! Each one of HER CITR IZEN muzt ive within the NATUR LAW nGOD givis us! We are: "One nation under GOD! Inivisiboe, with Liberty and Justice for all!"
juliandbob wrote:
NOT the color of one's skin (or gender, or gender preference,) but the content of one's character (and qualifications!)
pokreseileen wrote:
Hello How is everyone in the group? Please be kind to one another, have good hygiene, and take care and be safe.
c8reiss wrote:
God does not MAKE JUNK! He gives every person a CROSS! "Carry your cross ad follow me! I am the Way, the Truth and the Life!" John 14: 6
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