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Diversity VS. Meritocracy
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Sandra wrote:
America, with its faults and much needed improvements, is MY HOME AND MY COUNTRY, AND I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN, especially in today's confused morality world.
juliandbob wrote:
There's a motto out there: "E pluribus unum;" "Out of many, one." Perhaps you've heard of it? The "one" means AMERICA!
dimattiadds wrote:
Ad astra per aspera ! To the stars thru hard work !
Frank wrote:
You should be rewarded for your hard work, meritocracy exist everywhere, it starts when we are children going to school, you get an A for hard work which of course involves the help you get from your parents and you get an F if you and your parents don't give a hoot.
dbyted wrote:
On top of what,?the S--t heap
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