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Abortion bans VS. Planned Parenthood
Which is more harmful?
Abortion bans
Planned Parenthood
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c8reiss wrote:
Abortion is MURDERING THE UNBORN! We are: "One NATION under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!" Where is LIBERTY and JUSTICE for the UNBORN? ABORTION is godless action~
ibellejones wrote:
I am for the abortion bans I believe in Pro-life it good to know that there is abortion bans going praise the lord. I believe that children are our future. I want children.
c8reiss wrote:
NO TRUE CHRISTIAN coould ever commits ABORTION! Only the SATANISTS could! GOD IS LIFE! He is the GIVER OF ALL LIVING THINGS and NON LIVING THINGS in the UNIVERSE! ! Nothing could be in the universe without HIM! Do not want that fruit, do not take action!
Michael wrote:
I don't understand why they call it planned Parenthood, when the only ppl who go for their (legal form of murder) are ppl who are facing an UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD!!!🤰
Michael wrote:
There is always the open OPTION for ADOPTION!!!!
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