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Abortion bans VS. Planned Parenthood
Which is more harmful?
Abortion bans
Planned Parenthood
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cptlloydsmith wrote:
All you anti-abortionist should spend more time regulating your Own life and the lives of your kids and let others regulate theirs. Pro-choice every time
Stucco wrote:
ROE VS. WADE, the power of the perverted government to look under women's dresses.
andrewsafarik wrote:
Abortion kills half those who participate Abortion corrupts every politician who votes to give planned Parenthood money then accepts money from Planned Parenthood Abortion was started by a eugenicist who was invited to speak at a KKK rally (which she did) Abortion kills 40% of black baby's .
760-912-0123 wrote:
The CHOICE should be made BEFORE you have sex, not after a living human is created!
str119 wrote:
other battles
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