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Abortion bans VS. Planned Parenthood
Which is more harmful?
Abortion bans
Planned Parenthood
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Yolanda wrote:
Murder to me is murder…that’s trifling to kill one of God’s creation, many use abortion as a birth control…I knew someone who killed what was created in her as if it was nothing!
jhdolven wrote:
swainhse wrote: Each of us has the right to make our own decisions so make yours and allow others to make theirs . Correct! So, at what age do we get to decide if we want to be aborted? I mean, the one aborted is the one who is most affected, so shouldn't that be the one making the decision?
Fouz Butt wrote:
Marcia Brown wrote:
I totally agree with some of your comments, I do believe abortion is murder but what if a woman was rape..and do not wish to carry to full term , true there is always adoption.
Gail Arneman wrote:
That inconvenience is a human and life's hard for everybody at different times--live with it.
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