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Abortion bans VS. Planned Parenthood
Which is more harmful?
Abortion bans
Planned Parenthood
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Stucco wrote:
ROE VS. WADE, the power of the perverted government to look under women's dresses.
andrewsafarik wrote:
Abortion kills half those who participate Abortion corrupts every politician who votes to give planned Parenthood money then accepts money from Planned Parenthood Abortion was started by a eugenicist who was invited to speak at a KKK rally (which she did) Abortion kills 40% of black baby's .
760-912-0123 wrote:
The CHOICE should be made BEFORE you have sex, not after a living human is created!
str119 wrote:
maryhoward529 wrote:
Yes, some of these men that go out there and create babies, but don’t stick to their responsibilities. Need to get vasectomies. and on top of that it’s the woman’s body and the man needs to pull it out. He does not need to be coming in if I can pussy.
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