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Abortion bans VS. Planned Parenthood
Which is more harmful?
Abortion bans
Planned Parenthood
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Fouz Butt wrote:
Marcia Brown wrote:
I totally agree with some of your comments, I do believe abortion is murder but what if a woman was rape..and do not wish to carry to full term , true there is always adoption.
Gail Arneman wrote:
That inconvenience is a human and life's hard for everybody at different times--live with it.
backintheday3 wrote:
I do not by the Bible believe in adoption unless the mother may die. There is too much protection out there if a woman doesn't want a baby. There are many people out there who would love to have your child.
blkcwilliams wrote:
Right now abortion is regulated and safe. Abortion should NEVER be performed after 24 weeks, because the fetus can be viable. Abortion up to birth is indeed murder.
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