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The Spectacular Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate is recognized by everyone, but there are some facts about it most people don’t know!
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The Spectacular Golden Gate Bridge
  • It only took 4 years to build the bridge. The construction started right in the middle of the Great Depression in 1933 and was completed ahead of schedule in 1937.
  • 11 men died during the construction even though there was a safety net.

the golden gate bridge

  • Originally, the bridge was intended to be painted black with yellow stripes for better visibility. Luckily, this idea was later discarded.
  • Many people didn’t want the bridge to be constructed. In fact, it had 2,300 lawsuits against it. People opposed the construction because they thought the bridge would ruin the beauty of the strait. Probably, they knew the bridge was originally intended to be black and yellow. If so, their outrage is understandable.

  • The bridge is heavy: now it weighs no less than 887,000 tons.
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