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The astonishing Pentagon

Ready for neat and impressive numbers? Have fun reading about one of the most spectacular buildings in the world – the Pentagon!
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The astonishing Pentagon

What is the biggest building in the world by area? Perhaps, Wuhan Greenland Center? Or Burj Khalifa? No, actually, the Pentagon is the biggest of them all by area. It’s not the tallest building – it has only five floors – but its area is truly impressive: it covers 12 hectares, while its total land area is mind-blowing 236 hectares. The Pentagon has twice the space as Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings of the U.S.!

the pentagon building

Another astonishing fact about the Pentagon is definitely its price. Get ready to say “wow”! The Pentagon was built in Virginia in 1943 and cost no less than $83 million dollars. Sounds like a ton of money, doesn’t it? Well, actually, in today’s dollars it means… you’re totally not ready to hear this… about a billion!

If you want to check such an impressive building out and walk through all the corridors it has, it will take you a while: it has 17 miles of corridors! Don’t expect to finish the walk in a couple of hours! 

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