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The winning nation of America

How good are Americans at sports? Be ready to learn truly inspiring facts about American success in the Olympics!
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The winning nation of America

Do you know which country won the most Olympic medals of all times? Of course, it was the USA. Americans are said to be good at sports, but it’s not completely true. In fact, they are the best. Check this out: twenty-three golden medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals. Twenty-eight medals total. Impressive, huh?

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It gets even more impressive when you find out that all these medals were earned by one person: Michael Phelps, an American swimmer. Another great athlete who earned tons of gold medals for the U.S. is Mark Spitz who also happens to be a swimmer. Apparently, Americans are great at this sport! But it would be wrong not to mention athletics – another sport dominated by Americans! Carl Lewis, Ray Ewry, Allyson Felix – they are true American heroes and extremely talented athletes.

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