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Interesting Facts About The U.S. Flag

The American flag has undergone numerous changes throughout its history. Discover the most noteworthy facts and prepare for your patriotic quiz!
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Interesting Facts About The U.S. Flag
  • Since 1777 the U.S. flag has changed 26 times. Beginning with 13 stars and stripes for each of the original colonies, each new joining state introduced one more star and one more stripe to the flag.
  • A song by Francis Scott Key memorized the version with 15 stars and stripes giving our flag its popular nickname, The Star-Spangled Banner.

U.S. flag

  • But later it was decided to leave the number of stripes unchanged.
  • The proportions of the flag were not unified until 1912.

  • The Federal flag laws prohibit displaying the flag after the sunset if it’s not properly illuminated.
  • While the flag is on display, you should keep your right hand in your heart.
  • Old or damaged flags should be disposed of in a dignified manner by burning.
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