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Hidden Secrets Of Famous Landmarks

Our country is rich in its wildlife, cultural monuments, and landmarks. There’s a lot to visit and explore.
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Hidden Secrets Of Famous Landmarks

Did you know these less-known facts about American sights?

  • When Yellowstone was first discovered in 1869, people couldn’t believe the stories about the expedition of David E. Folsom and Charles W. Cook. Doubtful about the explorers’ accounts, magazine editors didn’t even want to publish them.

white house

  • A time capsule containing 762 000 signatures was installed at the top of the Gateway Arch in 1965. As long as the arch stands, the capsule will remain sealed.
  • The White House basement contains a flower shop, a carpenter’s shop, a dentist’s office, and a bowling alley.
  • During the Civil War, Union soldiers drew pictures and carved their names on the Washington Monument. Some of the traces are still visible at the base of the monument.

  • There is a hidden room in Mount Rushmore where historically significant documents are preserved for future generations.


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