PatrioticQuiz is a game that helps to keep your patriotic knowledge in good shape.
And, of course, to compete with other players for the title of the Top Patriot! All you need is to answer our questions correctly!
Questions to answer every day
Points for each correct answer
The more points you score the higher you will rise in the ranking table of all players. After each answer, you will also get a detailed commentary that will either prove your answer is correct or explain why it isn't.
If you want to become the best player of PatrioticQuiz you need to play every day!
You need to answer all the questions and never miss a single game.
Every day, we will send you reminders about the new games via email.
Make sure you check your email regularly to never miss new games! If you can't find the reminders in your Inbox, please check all the folders, including Junk/Spam.
It most certainly is! You don’t need to pay anything.