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The Fort that Never Saw a Battle

Want to learn more about lesser-known places of the USA? Prepare for amazing facts about the unfinished Fort Jefferson!
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The Fort that Never Saw a Battle
  • Fort Jefferson, located in Florida, is the third largest coastal fort of the USA, but it never actually saw any battles. In fact, the fort is unfinished: it took 30 years to build it but in 1875 it was officially abandoned due to frequent hurricanes.

Fort Jefferson

  • The fortress is composed of an insane amount of bricks – no less than 16 million!
  • The fort’s walls are 8 feet thick.
  • Originally, the fort was heavily armed: it had 520 guns – and not just guns but the most advanced firearms available at that time. But they were never used.

  • The fort was used to house prisoners convicted for conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

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