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15 Scary Good Riddles to Solve on Halloween

If you can’t think of an answer, feel free to peek into the hints!
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15 Scary Good Riddles to Solve on Halloween

Even a child can get the answer, but it will still take you long enough to wrap your mind around these babies! 

  • I live while there is light and die if it shines right on me. What am I?

A shadow

  • Two fathers and their two sons go trick-or-treating together. They each get a poor loot of one candy to take home with them. They do not lose any, and yet when they get home, they have only three candies. How is that possible?

There are just three of them: a grandfather, a father, and a son.

  • I once could see, but no I have no eyes. I once was witty, but now I’m absent-minded. What am I?

A skull

  • I am a creepy crawler that has another insect as the first part of its name. What am I?

A beetle

  • I have hands that can’t hold, teeth that don’t bite, eyes that don’t see, but I will never get cold feet because I don’t have any. What am I?

A scarecrow

Scarily cute or cutely scary?

  • Which two letters should you use to spell ‘candy’?

‘C’ and ‘Y’

  • What room would ghosts never want to get into?

The living room

  • What is the most popular traveling destination for ghosts?

The dead end

  • What sweet treat is any ghost’s fave?

Ice scream

  • Why is the Mummy so lonely?

He never made any friends, because he was too wrapped up in himself.

Too tiny to be spooky!

  • A crazy person met a monster on Halloween but did not get eaten. Why?

The monster was allergic to nuts.

  • Whom are Snap, Pop, and Crackle afraid of?

A cereal killer

  • What would you call the crossbreed of a witch and a snowman?

A cold spell

  • Where do adult ghosts drop baby ghosts at when they have to go hand out boos?

At day scare

  • How do ghosts prefer their eggs?


Hope you had some scary good fun solving these riddles! 

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