About Us

Meet Eagon the eagle, a true US patriot and an omniscient genius.
Eagon’s sole mission is to raise the patriotic awareness of the whole US nation.

When Eagon looks at those who do not know the history of their Homeland, his is a look of reproach. But encounters with people who do not take the country they are living in for granted fill his heart with pride. He is happy to know that the country he is so devoted to is inhabited with responsible, motivated, passionate, respectful, and knowledgeable citizens like himself.

Would you like to be as eagle-sighted and devoted as Eagon? Answer just 5 questions a day and spruce up your patriotism!

NO, it's not a waste of time.
The love of your Homeland can't be a waste of time, can it?
And don't forget: Eagon is watching you.
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